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Monday, April 25, 2011

R3 Phase 4 Day 7

Weight - 139.8

Well I got some of it off with the steak day, but since my drop was not like it typically is for me, I really feel there's something I ate either Friday or Saturday that's keeping the fluid running around in my body.  Today I'm doing a Full Fat Fage Greek yogurt day.

Again tonight I'm feeling puffy.  It's like I'm good through the day until the evening.  Perhaps this is due to not drinking water in the nighttime, so I'm a bit dehydrated in the mornings.  As I drink during the day it loads back on.

Breakfast - (329 calories)
224 g Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt
56 g blackberries

Lunch - (527 calories)
387 g Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt with english toffee stevia

Dinner - (348 calories)
256 g Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt with lemon drop stevia
100 g brocolli
28 g cheddar

Total calories for the day 1,340
Daily Calorie Composition: 11% from carbs, 65% from fat and 24% from protein.


  1. I know how much you love Greek Yogurt...(I love it too) and I wanted to share a recipe for making yogurt in a Crock Pot...I had never heard of that before but I tried it and it's amazingly easy and turns out very good and very thick...not to mention how economical it is. I strain the final product to really thicken it up and add a little vanilla Stevia and oh my!...anyway, let me know and if you are interested, I'll be happy to post it (of course you can always Google crock pot yogurt too)Have a great day! Diane

  2. I've seen the recipe. I'm just lazy lazy. LoL. Thanks!