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Sunday, April 10, 2011

R3 Phase 3 Day 13

Weight - 139.8

Steak day only dropped me 1.8 lbs this time.  This is likely due to a net effect thing going on.  With my binge cheat on Friday night I likely had some gain still going on while I was losing with the steak day.  Net effect 1.8 lbs.

Today I am eating P2ish type foods but in higher volumes and cooking with butter and oils.  No dairy, cheese, yogurt, etc.

Breakfast - (600 calories)
**P2 mega chili
8 oz 85/15 ground beef
1 can diced tomatoes no salt added
cumin, pepper, chipolte paprika to taste

Lunch - (463 calories)
**Turkey burgers with mushrooms & onions
10.3 oz Jennie-O 99% lean ground turkey
120 g mushrooms
80 g onion
1 tbsp butter

Dinner - (383 calories)
**Grilled Chicken & green beans
310 g boneless chicken breast
150 g French style green beans
Dijon Mustard and a few capers

Total calories for the day 1,446
Daily Calorie Composition: 11% from carbs, 35% from fat and 54% from protein.

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