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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

R3 Phase 4 Day 2

Weight 138.2

Up one pound after all that last night and still feeling very puffy?  I'm surprised it wasn't more.

Steak day today as planned in prep for a busy weekend. 

Breakfast - (35 calories)
Venti brewed coffee with half & half

Dinner - (1,022 calories)
17.25 oz NY steak, slightly trimmed
165 g pink lady apple

Total calories for the day 1,057
Daily Calorie Composition: 7% from carbs, 52% from fat and 41% from protein.


  1. You may have already answered this on a previous post - sorry if you have but I missed it. But, have you gone organic on all your foods or most or what? Also, when you were on the VLCD, did you use organic hand wash, etc., watching propylene glycol which I have heard can mess up your hypothalamus gland? Did you use oil-free lotions? Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  2. I have not gone all organic. Who can afford that? not me. I did change some of my products during Phase 2 but not all of them.