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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

R3 Phase 4 Day 1

Weight - 137.2

Back you the .2 and here comes Phase 4 and trial by fire.  Already planning a steak day for tomorrow with the plans coming this weekend, but today I'm feeling very puffy.  I ate a high calorie breakfast and then got waylaid into going for Mexican mid-afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner.  I did well with the Mexican but knew it was full of salt.  And this ended up being a much higher calorie day than normal for me.

I also decided to try a good serving of the raw almonds that I soaked and dehydrated.  We'll see if I'm really sensitive to them or not.

Breakfast - (629 calories)
**Sausage and veggie frittata
2 large eggs
1/4 cup Kirkland Real Eggs
150 g mushrooms
75 g onions
3 links Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp heavy cream
Cup of coffee with half and half

Late Lunch - (678 calories estimated)
**Chicken Ranchero
Chicken breast and veggies in ranchero sauce
2 tbsp sour cream
side salad with italian dressing

Snack - (168 calories)
1 oz (28 g) raw almonds, soaked & dehydrated

Evening noshing, dang it - (788 calories estimated)
Corn tortilla quesadilla with sour cream
mini chocolates
Trader Joe's mini chocolate chip cookies

Total Calories for the day 2,263
Daily Calorie Composition: 15% from carbs, 61% from fat and 24% from protein.

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