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Sunday, August 29, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 1

I've made it to day 1 of Phase 4 of my first round of HCG.  Three weeks ago I was so skeptical going into the maintenance phase that I could add back fats and other items and maintain my weight.  In fact, be able to eat more calories per day than before the diet without packing the pounds back on.  I've maintained.  I weight no more than I did at the end of the low calorie diet phase.  Incredible.

From Dr Simeons book "Pounds & Inches"  Phase 4 is called Get a Life.. and it goes like this...

"after three weeks, very gradually add starch in small quantities, always controlled by morning weighing."

Interesting that he doesn't mention adding back sugar.  The idea is go to slowly, adding one small portion of a starchy item and then see how the scale reacts.  If the scale stays the same or close, then that food is likely okay, and you're clear to try another, again, waiting to see what the scale does.  By doing this, you learn what your trigger foods are and what to avoid. 

Always remember the Golden Rule of the HCG Diet,

"Any day that the scale is more than 2 pounds over your last drop weight or last injection weight, you must immediately that day do a steak day.  Drinking plenty of fluids through the day, and eating the biggest steak you can for dinner followed by an apple or a tomato."

The key is to follow this for life (or until the next round) and your set!

On this day, I was so swamped the entire day that I only had coffee in the morning with a bit of half & half.  By the time, 3pm rolled around and I still hadn't eaten, I decided what they heck.. steak day.  After all, I love steak.

Dinner - (799 calories)
388 grams of thin sliced ribeye, sauted in it's own juices
180 grams roma tomato

Well that done.. I had company over.  It had been an insane day.  I did 3 shots of silver tequila (hey.. I deserved it!)  That totaled 207 calories.

Total calories for the day 1,006

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