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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R3 Phase 3 Day 2

Weight 138.2

Ouch.  Up 2.4 on top of the pound from yesterday so I'm at 3.4 lbs over LIW.  ALREADY?  Geezz.  I know it's a combination of things together.. but doesn't make it suck any less. On the evening of P3 I was hungry.. ate about a 12 oz cucumber right before bed, after eating dinner later than normal. So I started Day 1 of P3 up a pound. I had about 1250 calories yesterday. Half and Half in my coffee. Eggs for breakfast cooked in butter with an ounce of cheddar. Tuna salad for lunch with the Trader Joe's Mayo. Dinner was a 6 oz burger patty with the works and I decided to try that Jalapeno yogurt dip which is yogurt and goat cheese.

...now all of those things I've been fine with previously. I've had no output in the last 36 hours which is unlike me. In P3 and P4, I typically gain 4 lbs or so during the day and lose that overnight. I've got spreadsheets since last July to compare and average.

I know some of it is the lack of output and the increase in food volume, but I also know if you don't jump on it you can lose ground.

I'd already planned my day 2 menu too. Guess it gets to wait.

Breakfast and throughout the day - (35 calories)
Coffee (two cups with 1 tbsp half & half each), water and tea

Dinner - (1,282 calories)
464 g ribeye steak (calories are estimated)
150 g tomato

Total Calories for the day 1,317.
Daily Calorie Composition: 1% from carbs, 73% from fat and 26% from protein.


  1. It sounds like you didn't get nearly enough good fats in. If I don't get enough fats in through the day, I always see a huge gain.

  2. Beth, Thank you for sharing your journey. My injections are on the way. I should begin Monday or Tuesday. I've bookmarked your blog for inspiration & recipes. Yum - your pictures are definitely a nice touch to the recipes. And, your honesty is appreciated. Thank you!

  3. Sunny - I typically work them in slowly as I up my calories over the first few days.

    Tami -Woot on getting started!