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Thursday, November 4, 2010

R2 VLCD Day 4

Weight - 182.4

Very discouraging down only .4 this morning and that on the 3rd day of the low calorie diet.

Just a chuckle this morning.  I store my premade P2 dressings in little 2 cup Ziploc plastic containers.  I usually have a couple in the fridge.  I'd put some of my chicken broth in one also so that I could keep the larger container in my extra fridge in the garage.  I started heating up the broth and add a handful of spinach to it, and I get a whiff of vinegar.  Hmmm... spinach smells different than  I remember.  I finally realize that I didn't have the broth container, but the vinaigrette container!  I didn't want to lose a cup of vinaigrette so I drained it back into it's container and grabbed the broth!

Lunch - (176 calories)
Chicken & Spinach Soup
80 g (cooked weight) chicken, baked previously
1 cup chicken broth, made previously
1 cup water
150 g baby spinach
sat and pepper to taste

I love these quick meals when pretty much everything is already done.  I baked the chicken in a batch on Monday morning.  I've found almost always that 100 grams raw weight chicken breast baked out to be 80 grams cooked as long as you don't over cook it.  The broth I made by simmering a couple of chicken breasts in water with poultry seasoning, salt and pepper.  You can also buy chicken broth but watch out for sugars or corn syrup in the ingredients.  I always cut my broth in half by using an equal amount of water.

Heat up the chicken broth and water, add spinach in handfuls.  If you don't want as much spinach in the soup, you can always have the remainder is a salad with a P2 dressing.  I like mine on the fuller side.  When spinach is wilted, add cut up chicken breast and serve.

Afternoon Snack - (109 calories)
200 g granny smith apple
2 tbsp Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
garlic salt to taste
Yerba Mate tea

Yes I really do chop up the apple and mix it with the acd and garlic salt. Also I can't mention enough how I love the Guayaki brand Yerba Mate teas. Yerba mate is known for its antioxidant properties (moreso than green tea) as well as being loaded with caffeine and an appetite supressant. It comes in several flavors. The Chocolate Mate is great also!

Dinner - (160 calories)
Steak and Roasted Radishes
95 g sirloin tip steak, raw weight, lean only
225 g red radishes, tops and ends cut off, and quartered
A few sprays of Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Salt and pepper to taste

Season the steak as you wish and cook in your favorite P2 manner. I baked mine this time along with the radishes. The reason for the 95 gram portion is because the piece I had came to 380 grams total and that was the best way to split it out into four servings, because three servings would be too much protein.

**Roasted Radishes
Heat oven to 425. Cut the tops and ends off 225 grams of red radishes, the cut into quarters if they are large. Place in a small baking dish, spray with a few sprays of Bragg's Liquid Aminos, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and cook for 30 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork, tossing at least once. I've seen the radishes done with a spritz of cooking spray also.

When people think of radishes, they think of the little peppery slices of red radish that come on a salad plate. Before starting round 1, I noticed that radishes were on the limited list of vegetables and thought "why would I eat just cold radishes when they are so peppery?" Thing again! Roasted radishes take on a sweet flavor and have the consistency of potatoes. They are a great change from the other veggies.

Total calories for the day 445.
Daily Calorie Composition: 39% from carbs, 14% from fat and 47% from protein.

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