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Thursday, November 11, 2010

R2 VLCD Day 11

Weight - 176.8

Down .8 from yesterday, still sick though.  I broke down and took some Tylenol Liquid Cold and Flu medicine.  It contains sucralose which is Splenda, but I've got to have something.  The pills had carnuba wax and starch in them.

Coffee with chocolate liquid stevia drops

Lunch - (203 calories)
*Beef and Spinach soup
90 g sirloin tip
185 g baby spinach
1 cup Pacific Natural Beef Broth
1 cup water
1 tbsp tomato paste, no salt added
2 tsp Lizzie's Kitchen Garden Vegetable Seasoning

I know I'm mixing veggies with the tomato paste and the spinach, but I'm sick and needed some comfort good.

Afternoon Snack - (108 calories)
207 g gala apple

Dinner - (179 calories)
100 g chicken breast, baked
360 g cucumber
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Total Calories for the day 490
Daily Calorie Composition: 41% from carbs, 13% from fat and 46% from protein.

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