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Monday, November 22, 2010

R2 VLCD Day 22

Weight - 173.8

No weight loss today.. and what a crazy day it was.

Ate my lunch earlier than normal and trekked out in the snow with my son and his girlfriend to see Harry Potter. Got back and the GF had to get ready to leave to fly back to Los Angeles. It took us almost 2 hours to drive what normally takes less than 30 minutes. Got her to the airport to discover they'd delayed her flight by 2 hours. We left here there to start the long drive home and within about 10 minutes she called to say they'd canceled her flight. Had to get back there and pick her up. By then it was after 7pm... figured with the roads and the ice and it being below freezing all of tomorrow and the next day I better hit the grocery store on the way home.

Finally get to the store and decide that it may be possible that we don't take the 2.5 hr drive out to my parents' house on the coast on Thursday for Thanksgiving. I figured I better grab what I need in case I have to do a family dinner here for my boys etc. My mom's not gonna be too thrilled, but I'd rather stick to home if we've not had much of a thaw by Thursday morning.

In the meantime, my son's GF needs to decide when she's going to try to fly home. She may stay through past the holiday..not certain yet. AND my older son, daughter in law and grandbaby are socked in with is.

We left at 5:20 for a trip that normally would have had us home by 6:30. We got home at almost 10pm. Just finished eating my dinner. I was really hungry and my blood glucose was 59. I used to be diabetic years ago.. it resolved when I lost weight. Now when I'm on P2 it runs on the low side so I have to watch it. When I'm in P3 it's more normal.


coffee with liquid stevia

Lunch - (186 calories)
150 g Jennie-O Extra Lean Boneless Turkey Breast Tenderloins
150 g romaine lettuce
1 tbsp yellow mustard
3 tbsp water
4 or 5 drops stevia liquid

Dinner - (217 calories)
**Lemon pepper veal scaloppini and sauted onions
138 g veal, sliced thin
195 g onion, chopped
1/4 beef broth
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp minced garlic
pepper to taste

Total calories for the day 403
Daily Calorie Composition: 21% from carbs, 11% from fat and 68% from protein.

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