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Sunday, October 30, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 77

Weight - 142.4

So.. how, you ask, do I gain 3.6 lbs in one day when I ate steak?  Easy.. eat IHop Pumpkin Pancakes at 1am.  Yeah.. I caved.  It's all in my head too.  What's bad I guess is that I know why I did it.  After dropping well for a few days in a row, I saw three days of gains and it got to me.  I was eating decently and had a gain?  Well why not eat what I want if I'm going to gain.  Now it probably wouldn't have been so bad if it had not been at 1am in the morning.   Ah well.. I'll live to see another day.

So today, I'm eating one meal, Mexican.  I know I've overcounted on the calories so I'm going to leave it at what I actually had.

I ordered Barbacoa with the rice and salad instead of the beans.  I had a few bites of the rice, all of the beef, with some cilantro, onion, and sour cream mixed in, as well as a few corn tortillas.  Then I went to town on six peanut butter cookies and some chocolate.  Too many carbs, but we shall see.  My plan is to eat a decent P3 menu for a few days and see where I am before working on it more.

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