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Saturday, October 29, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 76

Weight - 138.8

Well, this is sucking.  Up .8 for no real reason, unless the extra coconut oil wasn't such a good idea.  I'm doing a sort of steak day today.  I'm eating 18 oz of steak in two meals. 

We spent the afternoon sorting 2+ years of baby stuff in my crawlspace.  It's been tossed in there willy nilly and taking up more space than it should.  I want it condensed and bagged in an orderly fashion so I can perhaps store some of my own things in there.

Lunch - (429 calories)
6 oz NY steak sliced thin
2 tbsp half & half in 2 mugs coffee

Dinner - (769 calories)
12 oz NY Steak sliced thin
70 g grape tomatoes

Total calories for the day 1,198
Daily Calorie Composition: 1% from carbs, 63% from fat and 36% from protein. 
Fat  81 g; Fiber 1 g; Carb 4 g; Sodium 286 mg; Protein  106 g 


  1. Hey Beth! I think its the sodium that is causing your retention.. It was 1300. I noticed that happened with me. I would love to get your advice seeing as I started my second round. I am 149 and would love to be 135 by my bday in 8 weeks. Any advice? Do you follow the protocol to a T, and do you use drops or injection? You can email me if you would like another HCG buddy- at eternalove1228 at either Aol.com or yahoo.com. I have both. So its eternalove1228@yahoo.com or eternalove1228@aol.com. I would really appreciate it!!!! XOXO

  2. Hello. I've found a lot of inspiration in your blog and have enjoyed going back to when you first started. It's full of good information...thank you! I'm starting my round one today (Load day) on homeopathic drops. My question for you is, if I have the correct dose of drops, I should not be overly hungry on this diet, is that correct? My biggest fear is being hungry and blowing it by not staying on protocol. Actually, hungry I can handle - ravenous is my worry. Thanks again for your helpful blog.


  3. Eterna - I know that here and there I watch the sodium. Some days I'm very low. Other days I counter it with potassium. My first round was protocol do the letter. I did hhcg drops for two rounds and I've done two rounds of injections.

  4. LisaM I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I think the biggest fear is hunger and really, for most, it's not an issue beyond the first few days. Adjusting a dose if needed is very easy and even moreso with the drops versus the injections. Happy loading.