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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 65

Weight - 138.8

Down 0.2 from the steak day.  That typically means there was something still causing added water retention at the same time so the effect is about nil.   I'm doing a nut day today and will hope for some output in the process.

I spent a lot of today cleaning things up around the house.  The main floor painting is done except for some touch up, the stairwell, and the laundry room.  They will begin on the basement in the next few days.  All the carpet is in on the main floor except for the stairwell that goes to the basement.  Things have been in such disarray.  I'm finally getting most of it back where it belongs.  It's definitely looking very sparse right now, which I guess is good.  For me though, it doesn't have the ...umm.. lived in look.  LoL

I spaced out several ounces of various nuts throughout the day. 

In total I had
1.5 oz macadamia nuts
3.5 oz pecan halves
1 oz walnut halves
4 tbsp half & half in two mugs coffee

Total calories for the day 1,244
Daily Calorie Composition: 7% from carbs, 89% from fat and 4% from protein. 

Fat  130 g; Fiber 17 g; Carb 24 g; Sodium 40 mg; Protein  15 g  

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