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Saturday, October 15, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 62

Weight - 139.6

Wow.. and there's what a lot of sodium can do.  Up almost 4 pounds.  I'm sure it'll be that and maybe more for Sunday's steak day.  Today we dropped my area rugs at a place for cleaning and went to Senor Moose in Seattle for brunch.   Tonight at this posting we are getting ready to head out to IHOP of all places.  My son's pregnant girlfriend is wanting pancakes.

Brunch - (696 calories estimated)
Machaca con papas (2 eggs over shredded beef that's sauteed with onions and potatoes)
chips and guacamole

Dinner - (807 calories estimated)
Side salad with light Italian dressing
1/2 Pot Roast Melt sandwich
2 pumpkin pancakes (no whip)

Total calories for the day 1,503
Daily Calorie Composition: 38% from carbs, 42% from fat and 20% from protein. 

  Fat  68 g; Fiber 32 g; Carb 142 g; Sodium 3,397 mg; Protein 76 g

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