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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 4

My weight stayed within the regular range even after the whole wheat sandwich thin and cream cheese spread!

I had expected a bit of a gain so was going to do a high protein day.  Even though it's not needed, I started my morning with coffee and half & half.  Then set out for a few errands before making myself something for bunch.  I ended up getting waylaid and did not finish up until almost 4pm.  Soooooo..  I stopped at the local butchers and got a couple of 1 lb choice boness ribeye steaks to put on the grill.  Had to get two or my son would never let me get through mine.

This is also the first day I'm taking the new digestive enzymes I mentioned on day 1 of this phase.

Dinner - (1,271 calories)
16 oz (raw weight) boneless ribeye steak
a shake of montreal steak seasoning
a thin brush of olive oil to keep it from sticking
210 grams roma tomato, chopped

I grilled the steak quickly starting with all burners on high then turning the side the steaks were on down to low.  They were done to medium and medium-well in 12 minutes.

Total calories for the day 1,295

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