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Sunday, September 26, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 29

Weight 188.2

Amazing.. I haven't had almonds in several weeks because the last time I thought perhaps they caused my weight to jump.  Sure I had a couple of cookies yesterday, but I also had a handful of almonds.  I could tell last night that I felt bloated and sure enough this morning I'm up almost 3 lbs from yesterday.

Even though I'm still within my original 2 lb range from LDW I'm doing a steak day to circumvent.

 Breakfast - (24 calories)
10 oz coffee
 1 tbsp half & half

Dinner - (680 calories)
10 oz (after cooking) lean sirloin steak, broiled
160 g roma tomatoes

Total calories for the day 704 (really??)
Daily Calorie Composition: 4% from carbs, 52% from fat and 44% from protein.

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