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Sunday, September 5, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 8

So far the popcorn yesterday had no effect on the scale.  I was the same exact weight as the morning before.
I had company in town this weekend and everyone wanted to go out and go out and go out.  For the most part I did pretty well.

Brunch - (536 calories estimated)  We went to IHOP.  I had the Veggie Omelette For Me and added some Fajita chicken breast to it along with a couple of bites of someone's NY Cheesecake Pancakes (no syrup).

Dinner - (817 calories) - We went to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza.  I had a bunless half pound burger with blue cheese sauce, a few bites of breaded Cajun shrimp appetizer and 1 shot of Patrol Silver.

I split a bottle of a great German Riesling with my daughter-in-law.  It was a 750ml bottle so have should be around 240 calories.  I got snacking before bedtime and had a piece of beef bologna and 1 oz of cheddar cheese.  (411 calories)

Total calories for the day 1,764

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