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Friday, September 24, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 27

Weight 184.8

Kind of running on autopilot these past few days.  I'm getting tired of eggs or yogurt for breakfast and am going to start looking into other things.  Maybe a good high fiber cereal, but I'm not sure.

Breakfast - (393 calories)
Egg/Eggbeaters scramble
1 egg
1/2 c eggbeaters
2 oz pork sausage, browned and broken up
60g mushrooms
50g onion
1 tsp light margarine
10 oz coffee
1 tbsp half & half

Lunch - (424 calories)
Chicken with alfredo zucchini 'pasta'
4 oz chicken breast, chopped
225 g zucchini cut with the spiral slicer
1/2 c Light Alfredo jarred sauce
1 oz Myzithra cheese

I baked the spiral sliced zucchini in the alfredo sauce topped with myzithra cheese then added the chicken too it (mine had been previously cooked)

Afternoon snack - (186 calories)
4 oz chicken breast

Dinner - (347 calories)
Garden salad with turkey
5 oz Foster Farms Hickory Smoked turkey breast
170 g bagged lettuce mix
60 g celery
50 g green onion
90 g dill pickle
3 tbsp BoltHouse Farms Parmigiano Caesar dressing

Evening snack - (168 calories)
8 oz Riesling wine

Total calories for the day 1,518.
Daily Calorie Composition: 15% from carbs, 40% from fat and 45% from protein.

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