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Monday, September 13, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 16

Woke up late this morning and the scale had dropped 6 lbs overnight. I'm 183.6 which is 3.4 lbs lower than my LDW. Had a very odd day today. Didn't sleep well last night so I ended up getting up early, but then went back to bed mid-morning. When I did get rolling, I ended up right out the door with no breakfast. I grabbed a Venti Starbucks coffee with half & half. By the time I could stop and eat, it was 3:30. I had a chicken fajita salad from a local restaurant with the dressing on the side and went from there with the rest of my day.

Lunch - (541 calories)
Restaurant chicken fajita salad with Italian dressing on the side. Ate most of the chicken and about half of the rest.

Dinner - (692 calories)
Chicken alla vodka with zucchini pasta made with the spiral slicer.

Total calories for the day 1,292 (I know I need more)
Daily Calorie Composition: 11% from carbs, 59% from fat and 30% from protein

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