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Monday, September 19, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 36

Weight - 139.4

Damage control after the last few days is in full force.  I'm doing a Full Fate Fage day today.  Tomorrow I may go get a roasted chicken from the local grocery store that does natural ones in Mrs Dash seasoning.  So it would be a chicken day.  I'm bloated because my rings are tight. 

My visit with the naturopath went well.  I am starting Berberine in lieu of the metformin that I've been using for blood sugar and appetite control.  I am also starting bioidentical hormones sometime this week.  I am hoping that getting my hormone levels up and balanced will help with weight maintenance as well.

My meals today were two 17 oz containers of Full Fat Fage broken down into 4 portions.  I put walnuts in one container and a plum in the other. 

35 oz Full Fat Fage Greek Yogurt
130 g plum
15 g raw walnuts
1 chicken back portion
2 mugs coffee with 1 tbsp half and half in each

Total calories for the day 1,530
Daily Calorie Composition: 12% from carbs, 65% from fat and 23% from protein

Fat 111 g; Fiber 3 g; Carb 46 g; Sodium 325 mg; Protein 87 g

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