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Thursday, September 15, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 32

Weight - 137.0

Today was our fun day at the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup.  I was up this morning, but with the painting going on in the house, I am not sleeping well at all.  My bedroom is finished and they've started on my office.  Even though both rooms have doors that close, I'm still wondering of some of my wonky feeling is due to the paint fumes.  Also, sleeping on an aerobed in the living room is not fun at all.   I'll likely stay out of my bedroom for a couple more days then see how I feel.  Regardless, it won't be set back up there nicely until after next Friday when the carpet is laid in that room.

The fair was fun.  We didn't get half done that we wanted to.  I love seeing the animals and exhibits.  Others are there more for the rides and such.  I think we should have just split up.  I came home with a haul too. A couple of shirts, a cute hoodie, some flavored oils for bread dipping or marinades, some seasonings, some sheepskin slippers and boots.  Best of all, I finally broke down and purchased an infrared sauna.  I used to use one religiously at a local women's gym.  I loved it.  They closed down a couple of years ago, and there is no place close by that has one.  I've looked into them several times, and there are two vendors at the Fair each year.  They always have 'better' prices during the Fair.  I was talking myself out of it and my daughter in law was like "Get it.  You've been saying you want one for eons."

As far as eating goes, I didn't do that badly, but we shall see.  I'm planning a steak day for Friday regardless.  No real way to add up the calories so the numbers are a guesstimate.

Breakfast - (20 calories)
1 mug coffee with 1 tbsp half & half

Lunch - (531 calories estimated)
Chef salad with light Italian dressing
Chicken noodle soup
4 saltine crackers
a few curly fries

Dinner - (400 calories)
1 piece bbq chicken breast on a stick
1 Fair Oatmeal cookie
a few french fries

Evening - (536 calories)
2 Fair Scones with raspberry jam
1 Fair Chocolate Chip cookie

Total Calories for the day 1,527
Daily Calorie Composition: 42% from carbs, 40% from fat and 18% from protein.

Fat 67 g; Fiber 10 g; Carb 162 g; Sodium 3,352 mg; Protein 69 g

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