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Sunday, September 18, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 34 & 35

Weight - 137.4 and I don't even want to guess.

Down 2.2 lbs on Saturday but this day is one to forget.  Thai food for lunch which was good.  We went out in the evening time and I had a couple of pieces of pizza and a few drinks.  My entire purse and my new cell phone were stolen.  Both sets of car keys were in my purse.  They could not tow my vehicle because it's all wheel drive and has tires too wide to put on a dolly.  I had to leave it in the parking lot and met a locksmith to rekey the ignition and give me a door key.  I then spent several hours reporting missing credit cards and check books, getting a new driver's license on the way in the mail, and such.  Then got to spent a few hours with a guy rekeying every door in my house (14 locks total).  So not fun at all.  My cell was insured so I'll have another one in a few days.   A bit freaked that someone has keys and my address, but they'd be pretty stupid to try anything.  I'm hoping they just got what they want out of it and dumped it somewhere. 

Needless to say I had no sleep on Saturday night and it's not 10:30pm on Sunday.  My weight is up and I didn't feel much like eating today.  I had a couple of burger patties for dinner with some burger type veggies and called it good.   Thinking of doing a full fat Fage day tomorrow.  I've not done one since round 3.

I promise to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  Painting will continue in my office.  I was supposed to do some trim taping today, but I can't see straight, let alone tape straight.   I have my second visit with the naturopath to go over blood work results.  I'm hoping to get rolling on bioidentical hormones soon.

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