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Friday, September 9, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 26

Weight - 136.0

Well boo.  Still up.  I had about 2 hours sleep last night and not a lot of output.  Thank goodness I have a nice long massage this afternoon.

I've not slept much because of some frustration.  I decided to recarpet my home back in June.  Ordered the carpet and then decided I should likely paint before it was installed.  I contacted the friend of some family that has done work on my house before.  He was all gung-ho but had a couple of projects to get out of the way first.  He thought we'd get started early in August.  Well, of course now it's September.  I've talked to him sporadically for updates but now I can't get him to call me back at all.  I last talked to him just over two weeks ago and at that time he said he had a bit to finish at a local school he's been working at.  I've called, left messages, used other phone numbers, etc.  I really wanted him to do the work because he does the supplies at his cost rather than me dealing with markups by others.  I'm at a loss now.  The carpet is sitting in a warehouse waiting.  There's stuff that needs to be done as the painting is done.  Some wall repair, some electric outlets, lights etc.  I really don't relish the idea of trying to find someone else.

Breakfast - (44 calories)
2 mugs coffee with 3 tbsp 2% milk in each

Dinner - (1,078 calories)
.9 lb New York Steak
250 g beefsteak tomato
balsamic vinegar
5 fl oz Beringer Red Moscato

Total calories for the day 1,122
Daily Calorie Composition: 5% from carbs, 59% from fat and 36% from protein.

Fat 65 g; Fiber 4 g; Carb 12 g; Sodium 292 mg; Protein 88 g  

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