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Monday, August 8, 2011

R4 Phase 3 Day 15

Weight - 132.6

Aye yi yi yi!  Up 2.0 pounds but I know what it is.  Absolutely no output in two days.  Not feeling so hot with it either.  Taking it a bit easy today and hoping this gets better.

Lunch - (698 calories)
**Rotisserie Chicken Salad
175 g leftover rotisserie chicken
80 g celery
35 g red onion
30 g dill relish
3 tbsp canola mayonnaise
salt and pepper
1 mug of coffee with 1 tbsp half and half

Afternoon snack - (124 calories)
7 oz Fage 0% Greek yogurt
50 g blueberries

Dinner - (411 calories)
**Beef Carpaccio
112 g Boar's Head LondonPort Roast Beef (deli)
60 g arugula
2 to 3 tbsp Brianna's Real French vinaigrette
20 g parmesan cheese, shaved with a potato peeler
1 tsp capers

Total Calories for the day 1,233
Daily Calorie Composition: 9% from carbs, 56% from fat and 35% from protein.

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