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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coconut Flour Pancakes

This is a basic recipe I found in several places on the web.   I cut it in half so that it would make a small batch.  It turned out as making 5 pancakes each about the size of the palm of my hand or a bit smaller.  They were on the dense side.  I ended up eating just over 3 of them, but I was also eating eggs and sausage.

The measurements are for the half-batch.  Double portions if you'd like more.

  2 eggs (room temperature
  1/2 cup milk or coconut milk
  1 tsp vanilla extract
  pinch of stevia powder
  1/4 cup coconut flour (4 tbsp)
  1 tsp baking soda (not baking powder)
  1/4 tsp sea salt
  butter or coconut oil for frying

Preheat griddle or skillet over medium-low heat. In a small bowl beat eggs until frothy, about two minutes. Mix in milk, vanilla, and stevia.

In another bowl, combine coconut flour, baking soda, and sea salt and whisk together. Stir wet mixture into dry until coconut flour is incorporated.  Mixture will be dense.  Mine was a long the lines of thin almond butter.

Grease griddle or skillet with butter or coconut oil.  Spoon heaping tablespoons of batter into pan for each pancake. Spread out slightly with the back of a spoon. The pancakes should be 2-3 inches in diameter and fairly thick. Cook for a few minutes on each side, until the tops dry out slightly and the bottoms start to brown. Flip and cook an additional 2-3 minutes.

With the ingredients I used the calorie total for the entire batch of batter is 343 calories.  20 g protein, 27 g carbs, 12 g fiber, 15 g fat.  Butter and anything else would be extra.


  1. They look so, so good. I've got to try them when I get back to P3. Thank you for posting =)

  2. Hey Beth! Did you use syrup? If so what kind?

  3. I use a small amount of Smuckers Sugar Free syrup

  4. Do you have Celiac disease? Just wondering. My daughter does so I'm always looking for ideas. Unfortunately she can't eat much egg either, a little is ok, more than that sends her running to the john

  5. No I do not. My son has a bit of a gluten intolerance though.