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Sunday, June 26, 2011

R4 Phase 2 Day 38

Weight - 133.8

Lack of output today put me up 1 lb.  Ahh well.. back at it again.

Busy family Sunday today.  We decided to grill because the weather was decent.  Before that I plunked down way more than I should have on a outdoor furniture set with a gas fire table.  My family better do a lot of living outdoors.   We grill petite sirloins, some bison, zucchini, and corn (for those who could have it).

Coffee with KAL stevia
with my Keurig Coffee Maker.  A lot of the flavored coffees available are P2 friendly. Today I had Timothy's German Chocolate Cake.

Lunch - (186 calories)
**Sunday Frittata
1 large egg
3 egg whites
80 g mushrooms
50 g baby spinach
40 g onion

Dinner - (254 calories)
190 g petite sirloin
100 g zucchini strips, seasoned and grilled

Total calories for the day 443
Daily Calorie Composition: 13% from carbs, 26% from fat and 61% from protein.

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