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Thursday, July 28, 2011

R4 Phase 3 Day 4

Weight - 132.6

Up 0.4, but there was very little output overnight and I didn't eat the rest of my dinner until 10pm so I was expecting it.  More of the same today.  Depending on what the scale says tomorrow, I may try bumping my calories just a bit.

Morning - (40 calories)
2 mugs of coffee with 1 tbsp half & half in each

Lunch -(464 calories)
Grilled Chuck eye steak with Red Radish & Cucumber Salad
185 g chuck eye steak, grilled with Montreal Steak Seasoning 
Red Radish & Cucumber salad (half portion) 

Dinner - (548 calories)
**Turkey burgers with Jalapeno Salsa on spinach
2 Jennie-O All Natural Quarter Pound turkey burgers
50 g baby spinach
4 tbsp pico de gallo
40 g avocado
15 g Lemon Truffles for dessert

Total Calories for the day 1,052
Daily Calorie Composition: 9% from carbs, 59% from fat and 32% from protein.


  1. Wanted to let you know I stated the journey. I went to medical weight loss clinic. Their guidelines are a bit different then Dr. S's protocol. I decided that I spent the money with them I will follow their rules.
    R1/P2/LCD8 Loss of 10 (2 from load day)
    I have been reading your entries from your R1 and it really helps.

  2. You're doing fantastic! Hope the modified protocol works well for you!

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