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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

R4 Phase 2 Day 47

Weight - 138.6

Okay.. I have got to get things under control or just move on to P3.  Tonight did not stop at just the cupcake and a bit of ice cream.  Seems to be my issue lately.  My "stick it" idea has not come as easily as I thought.  I'm almost nearing the longest amount of time I've been on hcg in any round and certainly that was not what I expected.

Coffee with KAL stevia
with my Keurig Coffee Maker.  A lot of the flavored coffees available are P2 friendly.

Dinner - (266 calories)
**Citrus pepper veal with braised greens
190 g veal sliced thin
90 g kale
90 g escarole

Snack - (51 calories)
150 g cantaloupe

Total calories for the day 317
Daily Calorie Composition: 31% from carbs, 12% from fat and 57% from protein.

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