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Monday, July 4, 2011

R4 Phase 2 Day 46

Weight - 135.4

Okay.. I think my scale is crazy.  I was down 0.2 this morning..even after all that extra late night food.  Today is totally crazy with 4th of July, my oldest's birthday, people over all day, etc.  Spent almost all day out on my deck.

I'm skipping lunch today so that I can eat more flank steak tonight.  The marinate is definitely not P2 nor is the cupcakes and ice cream.

Coffee with KAL stevia
with my Keurig Coffee Maker.  A lot of the flavored coffees available are P2 friendly.

 Dinner - (518 calories)
200 g flank steak, grilled
100 g romaine
burger dressing
2 heaping tbsp loaded mashed potatoes

After Dinner - (444 calories)
1 chocolate cupcake
.3 c vanilla ice cream

Total Calories for the day 962
Daily Calorie Composition: 31% from carbs, 48% from fat and 21% from protein.

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