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Sunday, July 24, 2011

R4 Phase 2 Day 66

Weight - 132.6

Down 1 pound today to exactly the weight I was one month ago on June 24th before I started my 'stick it' period for this round in order to try to get my body to more readily accept this new weight.  Tomorrow will be the first day of Phase 3 for me.

With the help of some family, we finally got the garage cleaned out and reorganized.   My big heavy treadmill is now out there along with a file cabinet and a couple of other things I've just put up on CraigsList for sale. 

My younger son played parking lot bumper cars with another SUV this afternoon.  He's not been driving very long and is feeling a bit sheepish about it all.  The guy wants to try to avoid going through insurance.  I'd like to do that if it's not going to run thousands of dollars to prevent rates from increasing since my son is under 25 and single.  Although I have a low deductible and am not about to be taken to the cleaners.

Since I was so busy today I ended up with one meal and had a double portion of protein.   I"m a bit sunburned and sore tonight.  Hope that doesn't play havoc with tomorrow's scale.

Dinner - (266 calories)
200 g Jennie-O 99% lean ground turkey, grilled as burgers
150 g Spring Lettuce Mix
P2 protocol dressing
40 g nectarine

Total calories for the day 266
Daily Calorie Composition: 14% from carbs, 10% from fat and 76% from protein.


  1. I got a good sunburn this weekend too. Beautiful weather and I should have known better!! I understand how you feel about insurance! My daughters car was involved in hit & run and we found out who did it, at which point the mother wanted to settle w/out insurance involvement. Why? Because she didn't have any! Why she allowed her 17yr old son to drive her uninsured car is beyond me!!

    Good luck with starting P3! It's my favorite phase!

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