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Monday, July 25, 2011

R4 Phase 3 Day 1

Weight - 131.6

Down another pound which means I have 1.8 lbs of wiggle room below my LIW of 133.4.  Nice.  As I mentioned previously, I'm going into this P3 slowly.  I'll be using solid proteins, ie fish, chicken, beef, veal, cooking in oil or butter, mixing vegetables, using salad dressing and mayonnaise.  I will hold off on things like cheese, Greek yogurt, and nuts for several days.  I'm doing this to work to prevent needed a steak day in the first 10 to 14 days.  My first two rounds I stabilized well, at or below LIW, and didn't need a corrective day until day 14 or 15 of both.  My last round, I had to do a steak day on Day 2 of P3 and stabilization was not as nice.

I continued with some cleaning today.  I got one bite on my four Craigslist ads, and the toolbox is now gone.  Hopefully, it picks up and the other items will disappear soon.  I finished up cleaning the garage cupboards and then tackled the master bathroom. 

Tomorrow I'm going to pick up about 7 or 8 quarts of various paint colors that I'm wanting to toss up on the walls in a few place to narrow down which one I want.  It appears we're about a week out from starting the painting and various repairs.

I've got to get into P3 cooking mode.  I whipped up tuna salad for lunch and did a couple of burger patties for dinner with sauteed onions and mushrooms.  Typically in P3 I try to double cook so that some meals are pretty much ready to go.  I went through all my frozen steaks last night and every one of them is over 13 oz.  Either I cook them and split them afterward or I save those for 'steak days' which I'm really hoping I don't need.

I'm doing two meals today.  I'm not sure when I'll go to three or if I'll just add a snack at some point.

Morning - (40 calories)
2 mugs of coffee with 1 tbsp of Half and Half in each

Lunch - (456 calories)
**Tuna Salad
5 oz Bumble Bee chunk light tuna (pouch)
70 g celery
50 g dill pickle
40 g onion
30 g Trader Joe's Canola Mayo

Dinner - (560 calories)
**Mushroom/Onion Smothered burgers
2 1/4 lb Moran 90/10 ground sirloin patties
100 g mushrooms
50 g onion
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tsp butter
70 g roma tomato
30 g spring mix
2 tbsp Marie's Dressing

Total calories for the day 1,056
Daily Calorie Composition: 9% from carbs, 58% from fat and 33% from protein.

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