HCG Patch

Friday, July 22, 2011

R4 Phase 2 Day 64

Weight - 133.4

Down 1 pound and today is my last injection so this is the weight I will try to maintain during Phase 3.  Hopefully doing the month+ of holding my weight as close to 135 and below as I could will help me with stabilizing.   I had a busy day and didn't get back home for lunch so I ate a double portion of protein for dinner.

Dinner - (308 calories)
**Burger salad
200g 96% lean ground beef
170 g romaine
90 g roma tomato
30 g onion
20 g green pepper

*Burger dressing
3 tbsp pickle juice
1 tbsp yellow mustard
garlic powder, no salt seasoning, and pepper to taste

Total Calories for the day 308
Daily Calorie Composition: 16% from carbs, 25% from fat and 59% from protein.


  1. When you are on the HCG diet do you exercise or not? And when you go into the maintain phase 3 do you have to work out harder or not? I am really intersted in this and have not read anything about working out. Congrats on the weight lose and finishing phase 2. You are an inspiration!


  2. I am not a big exerciser at all. I do walk at a fairly quick pace, but not daily. Phase 2 is not the time to start a work out routine, but if you are already in the habit you don't have to stop it.