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Monday, December 6, 2010

Supplements during P2

Someone asked me what supplements I've been taking so I thought I'd do a post dedicated just to that

Life Extension Optimized Irvingia with Phase 3 Calorie Control (two capsules twice a day)
Vitamin Shoppe Green Tea Extract, 75% Polyphenols (one capsule twice a day)
ReNew Life DigestMore Ultra (one capsule with each meal)
Country Life Vitamin D 5000iu (one softgel daily)
Sundown Naturals B100 Complex (one caplet daily)
Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate (350 mg per 2 tsp)
Pharmassure Biotin 5000 mcg (one capsule daily)
Twinlabs Mega B-12 Dots (one tablet sublingual occasionally)

With that list, I wonder why I'm not stuffed on pills alone.  I've seen worse.

The first two items are things I took for a while when trying to lose weight before HCG.  The Green Tea extract helps with hunger and the irvingia is African Mango extract which aids leptin usage in the body.  Since I had the LEF on hand I'm using it up before I start on one that is just the Irgingia alone without all the extras.

Yet another thing I will take from this diet for the rest of my life is the use of a good digestive enzyme.  I have found the DigestMore Ultra to contain a broad variety of appropriate enzymes for protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber and sugar digestion.

Vitamin D has been found to lower leptin levels which in turn should reduce hunger levels.  I chose the Country Life softgel because the contents are in MCT oil which is not digested in the intestines.

The magnesium citrate I take daily to keep things moving.  After all input needs output.

The Biotin is for hair.  The B100 complex aids in digestion and metabolism.  The B12 is kind of a pick me up for mornings when I might be dragging.

When I mention Triple Threat Tea in my daily posts, I am referring to 32 oz of tea I make daily anbd contains:

Guayaki Yerba Mate
Yogi Green Tea Energy
Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root

Yerba Mate and green tea help with hunger and energy.  Green tea as well as dandelion root are natural diuretics.

Well that's the 'skinny' on the supplements.


  1. Hi Beth!! Did your Vitamin D contain oil? The ones that I have are really small, but have oil in them.

  2. The one I use has a small amount of MCT oil

  3. I enjoy your blog so much & you've had great success on this diet. I'm on day 16, round one of VLCD & have only lost 11 lbs. I haven't cheated once, but I don't like fish, so maybe I'm eating too much steak. I do have a low thyroid & I am on medication, so that may be hindering my loss. Anyway it's frustrating.

    I just ordered everyone of the supplements you suggested from Amazon. They cost around $170.00, so I hope they do me some good.

    Thanks again for your great blog.