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Saturday, January 28, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 26

Weight - 141.6

Arrgghh.. I'm going the wrong direction!  Total lack of sleep and output, plus a weigh in this morning that was over 2 hours earlier than normal.  Plugging along. 

I batch cooked like a demon tonight.  Twelve portions of chicken breast, 7 of eye of round steak, 5 ground beef patties, and 5 turkey burgers.  Plus I cooked for the new parents.  They are trying to get on some kind of a schedule, but getting the newbie to nurse properly is always a challenge for new parents.  On top of that mama is vegetarian and I really think needs as much protein as she can get.  I figured they can fend for themselves during the day but for now I'm going to make sure they get at least one cooked meal a day.

Lunch - (209 calories)
1 portion barbacoa from Chipotle
215 g cucumber
20 g onion
2 tbsp salsa

Dinner - (146 calories)
110 g Jennie-O Ground Turkey
120 g baby spinach
mustard dressing

Total Calories for the day 355
Daily Calorie Composition: 15% from carbs, 23% from fat and 62% from protein. 

Fat 9 g; Fiber 5 g; Carb 13 g; Sodium 806 mg; Protein 54 g   

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