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Sunday, January 22, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 20

Weight - 141.4

Yes it's been a few days since I posted.  and yes my weight is pretty much what it was the last time I did.  I may at some point go back and play catch up with my menus.  

We had a major snow event middle of last week and then on Thursday morning the power went out from limbs breaking due to the weight of snow and ice.  I have a home standby generator, so we had power, but cable was out which meant I was cripple with dial-up to get work done.  So not fun.    The whole family was here for a couple of days which meant all sorts of food temptations, but I did fine.   I lost several trees in the yard including my favorite, a 12 year old curly weeping willow next to my pond.  It's completely in my pond now.

I spent some of Friday and Saturday shoveling snow, chopping and sawing some limbs that were on the driveway.  Sometimes I forget that I'm fifty years old.  I'm sore because of it.  When I get out there working, it feels good.  When I come in and sit for a spell, the muscles remind me.

When I sat down to write tonight I realized my calories today were on the low side.  I should have had more protein or a fruit.

Brunch - (175 calories)
**Sunday Omelet
1 large egg
9 tbsp Egg Beaters Egg Whites
60 g baby spinach
40 g green onion
garlic powder, pepper

Dinner - (216 calories)
150 g eye of round steak
150 g celery
2 tbsp Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

Total calories for the day 391
Daily Calorie Composition: 15% from carbs, 24% from fat and 61% from protein. 

Fat  10 g; Fiber 5 g; Carb 14 g; Sodium 609 mg; Protein 59 g 

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