HCG Patch

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

R4 Phase 1 Loading Day 1

Weight 146.6

And a loading we will go.  I halfway tracked calories today, but it becomes a blur so I'll just list foods.

Dosed with 175iu of hucog.  The dose is where I was most of my last round.

7 oz container Fage 2% Greek yogurt
1 oz + raw almonds

3 fish tacos

Afternoon snack
.75 c ice cream
3 oz jack cheese
8 Ritz crackers

Cheese fries
3/4ths of a small pizza loaded with garlic, mushrooms, cream cheese, moz cheese and bacon

Evening snack
.75 c ice cream
Red wine


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. it gives me hope for myself someday. I had to stop protocol because I found out 3 months ago that I was pregnant.

    I was surprised to see you starting round 4 so soon? You don't have any problems going off of protocol w/ how long to wait in between rounds? (obviously not if you are on round 4 lol). Simeons says you have to wait like 12 weeks between rounds 3-4 (and it gets progressively longer with each round after that) before you start again. He says our bodies grow a tolerance and yadda yadda yadda. Anyway I was just surprised. If it keeps working for you, after I have the baby (and am done breastfeeding), I'm just gonna plow through them too, because it seems to be working great for you.

    Keep up the great work! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing everything that you eat too. You have no idea how much it helps a lot of us out! (I get so bored on this diet!)

    Take care!

  2. Hi Melissa - this round is a clean up of a P3/P4 gone wrong. The thoughts of some of the women on the forum I frequent (some of them medical professionals) is that the recovery time from rx hcg in the body is a bit less than 6 weeks. That, coupled with the fact that this is just my second round of RX brought us to the conclusion that I would be fine starting this round 7 weeks after ending the last.