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Monday, May 16, 2011

R3 Phase 4 Day 28

Weight  - 146.4

Well with last night's food and no output in the last 24 hours there's no doubt I'm up.

I have a couple of doctor's appointments today so I planned on a steak day since I'd be gone most of the afternoon.  I was supposed to get a blood draw for both my hormone levels and my cholesterol, but had totally spaced the fact that I need to be fasting for the lipid panel.  So I'll get the blood draw tomorrow morning instead.

Breakfast - (35 calories)
2 cups coffee with 1 tbsp half & half in each

Dinner - (1,085 calories)
1 lb chuck eye steak
225 g roma tomato

Total calories for the day 1,120
Daily Calorie Composition: 3% from carbs, 66% from fat and 31% from protein.

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