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Sunday, July 4, 2010

VLCD Day 7

Weight - 206.0

4th of July and I always make pulled pork in this house. I started it last night in two crock pots and the smell is all through the house as always. I will definitely be putting a bit in the freezer to have when I'm able to eat the ingredients again.

Coffee with Stevia

Chicken, apple, celery salad
100g chicken, poached
150g granny smith apple
175g celery
P2 protocol dressing 
1 grissini

Afternoon snack

100g beef tenderloin, seasoned and broiled **
250g cucumber, chopped
P2 protocol dressing 
1 grissini

Evening Snack
150g strawberries

** since it's a total pain to cook just a 100 gram portion of most of the P2 proteins, I cook several portions at once weighing them raw and then again after cooking before portioning them out. For example, if I cooked 600 grams of beef tenderloin (6 portions) and the weight after cooking is 480 grams, then I portion out six 80 gram portions - 6 x 80 = 480.

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