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Friday, July 9, 2010

VLCD Day 12

Weight - 203.2

So tired of the same old stuff that I'm trying something different today. Eggbeaters for lunch and miracle noodles for dinner.

Coffee with Stevia

Spinach scramble
3/4c Eggbeaters
3c baby Spinach
2 tsp Braggs Liquid Aminos
1 melba toast

Wilt the spinach with the liquid aminos and 2 tbsp water in a saute pan until the liquid is gone. Add eggbeaters, turn heat to med-low. Leave 1 to 2 mins until bottom of egg and sides are set, then start pushing mixture from the edges to the middle, flipping to get it all cooked.

Afternoon snack
150g granny smith apple

100g chicken breast
200g celery, chopped
2tbsp Braggs liquid amino
1 grissini
1 package Miracle Noodles

I've had the Miracle noodles before this diet. I'm not a big fan. I've found the best way to fix them is to rinse them for 5 minutes in cool running water. Drain them, towel them dry. Let them sit out for while on a few layers of paper towel. Put then in a container with a lid and add broth, soy sauce, or in this case liquid aminos and refrigerate overnight. When ready to use, place in a saute pan and cook until almost crispy.

In this case, I did a stirfry with the chicken and celery then added that to the almost crispy noodles.

All in all, too much work.

Evening Snack
150g strawberries

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