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Friday, November 4, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 82

Weight - 139.8

Well boo.  As I figured, some rebound.  I'm doing a nut day today.  Maybe alternating clean days, correction days, and a few splurges will at least get things to settle at some point.  Had to take two bearded dragons and my African Grey for check ups today.  That was sure interesting.

I spaced out several ounces of various nuts throughout the day.

In total I had
1.5 oz macadamia nuts
2 oz pecan halves
2 oz walnut halves
4 tbsp half & half in two mugs coffee

Total calories for the day 1,141
Daily Calorie Composition: 7% from carbs, 90% from fat and 3% from protein.


  1. I am on my first hcg diet. I started last Friday so I am on Day 9 or so...sorry. I was just curious if you ever experienced achy legs? Is that odd?

  2. Yes I have. It's usually lack of potassium. Either get some potassium supplements or make sure to include cucumber, spinach, and tomatoes as some of your veggie choices.