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Sunday, November 27, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 105

Weight - 139.6

A nice 3.4 lb drop from my steak day.  Now I typically rebound a bit the next day so I'm eating a bit less today on purpose.  We revisited our Thanksgiving leftovers, but I manage to just have some turkey and a salad.  Well then there was the slice of Boston Creme Pie that I've been craving for two weeks.

Snacks while prepping - Veggie tray with some ranch dip
Glass of sweet white wine

Dinner - (636 calories)
3 oz turkey breast
1 dinner roll
garden salad with fat free Italian dressing
1 slice Boston Creme Pie

Total calories for the day 909
Daily Calorie Composition: 52% from carbs, 34% from fat and 14% from protein.

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