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Sunday, October 31, 2010

HCG Diet Round 2 Phase 1 Loading Day 2

Weight - 184.0

Really???  Over 2,800 calories yesterday and only a .6 gain on the scale?  Weird weird weird.  Today is my second day of loading.  Taking my granddaughter to the mall for trick or treating then out to my favorite Italian restaurant, Mama Stortini's, for a great last dinner of chicken piccata with a crispy risotto cake and a slice of chocolate mousse pie.

Breakfast - more like brunch - (680 calories)
Spanish Omelete
3 large eggs
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp half & half
90 g onion
90 g bell pepper
1 small can mushrooms (was out of fresh)
2 slices reduced fat pepper jack cheese
2 tbsp medium salsa
10 oz coffee
1 tbsp half & half

 Dinner - (1,716 calories approx)
Chicken Piccata with crispy risotto cake
1 fried mozzarella stick
1 fried zucchino stick
1 cadillac margarita
1 pommegranate martini
1 slice chocolate mousse pie

Snacks - (199 calories)
1 Three Musketeers minis
1 lemonhead
6 oz Barefoot Moscato wine

Total calories for the day 2,595
Daily Calorie Composition: 33% from carbs, 45% from fat and 22% from protein.


  1. I am loving your blog. It is very detailed so I can get some great ideas on how and what to eat. It helps so I don't just think....think....think...about what is for dinner more than I always have when fixing dinner for my family. I also LOVE Mama Stortini's I lived in the Sumner WA area at one time. Hard to find better than Mama's.

  2. Glad the blog is helping you.