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Thursday, October 14, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 47

Weight - 180.6

Okieee..  I'm down another 1.2 lbs from yesterday.  What the heck?  I ate almost 1800 calories and loads of fats and some starchy carbs.  I'm liking this (knock on wood).

In the last two days I've added a biotin supplement for my hair.  Not because I'm losing hair on this diet but because I used to take it years ago and noticed a difference.  I've also added a Flaxseed Oil capsule for general health and hair reasons. 65

Breakfast - (305 calories)
Ham, cheese, and veggie omelet
1 egg
1/2 c eggbeaters
70 g onion
70 g mushrooms
50 g bell pepper
3 slices Oscar Mayer Smoked FF Ham
1 slice Sargento ColbyJack reduced fat cheese
10 oz coffee
1 tbsp half & half

Afternoon Snack - (166 calories)
1 ABB Performance Whey Protein Shot
180 g Napa Cabbage
2 tbsp Pomegranate Red Wine Vinegar

Dinner - (650 calories)
Pot roast with red potatoes and onions - Whooohooo
9 oz (cooked weight) sirloin tip roast
260 g baby red potatos
150 g onion

I haven't had a good roast in quite a while.  I spent the afternoon doing errands including a Costco trip.  I've been searching for something to add protein occasionally and I've use the protein shots before. I found the American Body Building Whey shots at Costco.  They have 30 grams of protein from whey isolate.

Total calories for the day 1,121.  Hmmm.. need more.
Daily Calorie Composition: 27% from carbs, 22% from fat and 51% from protein.


  1. hi, love ur blog. im currently on p2 but im confused. since ur on day 47 of p4 does that mean that HCGers will forever have to follow protocol?

  2. Hi sam... I'm counting it that way because I'm going to start a second round the end of this month. I do plan on eating somewhat P3ish (staying away from added sugars and starches) for the most part as I've done a lot on P4.

  3. I've been looking through your food for p3 and wanted to know... did you eat any fruit during p3? and did you eat any melba or grissini or crackers at all (that are allowed in p2)? I asked this on another post but can't remember which one so I don't know if you answered me or not. I'm starting p3 tomorrow. thanks!! I want to succeed like you have been!

  4. Rachel - P3 means no starchs or sugars so the melba and grissinis are out until P4.

    I did have some fruit in P3, mostly berries. There is a list that shows the better fruits to have that I posted on the day I started P3 back in early August.

  5. ok thank you so much! I will cut out the crackers, etc completely this time around during P3 and see if I stabalize better! I read about Kale chips on your blog and I'm excited to go get some kale and make some! :) thanks!!