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Friday, October 1, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 34

Weight 184.8

Up .2 of a pound even after a very low carb day.  Still wondering if it's the effect of the multigran waffles from Day 32.  Even so I'm going ahead with my carb experimenting by adding a cereal for breakfast today.

Breakfast - (299 calories)
1 c Kashi GoLean cereal
.5 c 2% milk
130 g granny smith apple
10 oz coffee
1 tbsp half & half

After a lot of label reading and web surfing regarding cereals I decided to try the Kashi GoLean because of it's higher fiber and protein

Lunch - (563 calories)
Beef and blue salad
138 g (cooked weight) rib eye steak, sliced
170 g romaine lettuce
75 g roma tomato
125 g cucumber
60 g onion
4 tbsp Marie's Blue Cheese Yogurt dressing

I love using leftover steak for a salad with blue cheese.  I've been using a couple of yogurt-based dressings from Bolt House Farms.  Yesterday, I found several new dressings from Marie's brand in the refrigerated section.  Instead of using dressing and adding extra blue cheese, I decided to add extra dressing since the calories were about half that of standard blue cheese dressing

Afternoon Snack - (149 calories)
5 crackers Mary's Gone Crackers Original Seed Crackers
1 oz Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar

Dinner - (342 calories)
Lemon pepper veal with capers
228 g (raw weight) thin sliced veal
2 tbsp capers
2 tbsp lemon
.5 tsp pepper
1 package Green Giant Immunity Blend frozen veggies

One of my go to meals (for someone who never ate veal before this diet). Pepper the veal.  In a heated saute pan, add lemon juice and veal.  Saute until cooked through then add capers.  Remove veal and let the sauce thicken then pour over the veal.

Total Calories for the day 1,353
Daily Calorie Composition: 28% from carbs, 38% from fat and 34% from protein.

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