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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HCG Diet Phase 4 Day 45

Weight - 186.0

Uh oh.  Well up another 0.8 lbs.  Even though I'm still 1 lb before my LDW I'm doing a steak day because my average weight for the last month has been between 184 and 185.

I had coffee with 1 tbsp half & half in the morning.  Drank lots of tea and water throughout the day.

Dinner - (1,316 calories)
472 g (raw weight) rib eye steak, thin cut
1.4 tsp  Chef Paul Prudhomme No Salt Magic Seasoning Blend
180 g roma tomato

I started the steak in a screaming hot grill pan on the stove and then finished it under the broiler.

I find it very odd that the calorie counts for rib eye steak varies greatly from site to site on the internet.  I had calorie ranges from 800 to over 1,200.  I chose a higher calorie count for tracking purposes.

Total calories for the day  1,340
Daily Calorie Composition: 2% from carbs, 72% from fat and 26% from protein.


  1. Hi. Your blog is a big help. I need to do my very first steak day. Do u cook the steak with or without oil? Do u trim off any excess fat like in p2? Thanks

    1. You can cook it with or without oil and no need to trim the fat. Often on a P3 steak day the fat helps.