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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 50

Weight - 135.6

I'm still playing seesaw with the dang scale.  I've been up and down the same pound about 3 times now.  Not unheard of after the great 7 days coming off my Planned Interruption.  It definitely served to shake things up a bit.

Yesterday was the grandson's one month checkup.  He's doing fantastic.  He's gained 2.25 lbs and grown an inch.  Not shabby for a breastfed baby.  He's starting to goo and coo just a bit.  The next few weeks he'll become much more reactive.

On the batch cooking front. I went to town tonight with it.  The other day I did 26 portions of beef eye of round roast in the crock pot.  Cooked it with a few slices of onion, some broth, water and seasonings.  At the same time, I sauted up 8 portions of yellow onions, then put then in a second crock pot with broth to heat for a while.  I used 8 of the portions of roast with broth and onions to make 8 servings of beef and onion soup.

Tonight I did twelve turkey patties, 12 beef patties, and 35 portions of chicken breast.  Between the two cooking sessions that's 85 portions of protein which is 42 days worth of food for one person and 21 days for two people.   Now I am only on Phase two until the end of next week.  My son will likely be on for another month.  What does not get used, I can always double up and use in Phase 3.   I love having the proteins already cooked.  I can add them to things or eat them as is with a veggie.

Lunch - (245 calories)
**Beef & Celery Soup
100 g beef eye of round roast
200 g celery
1 c Pacific Natural Beef Broth
120 g orange

Dinner - (131 calories)
100 g chicken breast
92 g baby spinach
P2 dressing

Total calories for the day 376
Daily Calorie Composition: 27% from carbs, 13% from fat and 60% from protein.

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  1. Thanks for the idea of cooking up a lot of roast (eye of round) & prepacking that for P2. my whole family LOVES Eye of Round roast, so it would work for daughter (who does hcg with me) and hubby (who never has to diet, dang him!). :) I noticed to you only had 376 cals today and you are under 500 regularly. Have you lowered your daily cals in P2 from many, many rounds & because you are so close to final goal? I don't know that I could eat that little and don't plan to, but I was just curious. Thanks, Beth. I love reading your journal - gives me all kinds of new ideas for my next P2 in 2 weeks.