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Thursday, February 23, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 45

Weight - 134.8

Color me surprised!  Down another pound today.  Five straight days of losses.  Now of course I was up several pounds from my lowest this round.  I thought for sure last night I was not going to see a drop again.  In fact, based on my evening weight I planned to see a rebound gain today.  I'll take it and set myself up for the rebound tomorrow.   Cynical much?

I am feeling a bit better.   I'm not sleeping well at all.  My blood sugar tanked at about 5 am.  I got up to use the bathroom and found myself clammy, sweaty, stumbling, and disoriented.  I know that scenario all too well.  I grabbed my meter (Type 2 diabetic in remission is what they call me - controlled by diet and exercise).  Sure enough it was 58.  Below 60 is dangerous.  Much lower and you risk going into a coma.  I had a few strawberries and a slice or two of apple and felt better within 10 minutes.  By 30 minutes, my blood sugar was 78. 

When I'm in Phase 2, my blood sugar and my blood pressure tends to drop lower than normal for me.  I've seen it each round with doctor visits during that time.  Once the blood pressure was so low, the doctor was worried.  I told him what it was.  He is aware of my dieting.  I knew that once I moved into Phase 3 it would return to normal.

Feeling a bit more human, I ventured out after lunch to get my nails done and do some grocery shopping.  Since there are three people (two in my household, the third being my daughter-in-law) currently in phase 2, I find shopping for some of the produce and proteins at Costco works well.  I can buy in bulk and split it between the two households.   I got 5 lbs of eye of round roast to crock pot and portion out.   Also, going to make onion soup. Finally, they had the tilapia loins back in stock, so I grabbed two bags of them. 

I was out for six hours.  By the time I got home and got things put away, I was exhausted.  I still had dinner to make.  Now if I can just get the coughing fits that turn into gagging fits to go away.

Lunch - (192 calories)
**Chicken, Apple, Celery Salad
100 g chicken breast
130 g apple
125 g celery
3 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp water
stevia to taste
garlic powder, pepper, onion powder

Dinner - (164 calories)
**Fajita Tilapia & Roasted Asparagus
140 g Kirkland Tilapia Loins
1/2 tsp Spice Hunter Fajita Seasoning
150 g asparagus
shake or two of Spice Hunter Key Lime Pepper
50 g strawberry ( I just had to have one)

Total calories for the day 356
Daily Calorie Composition: 29% from carbs, 10% from fat and 61% from protein.

Fat 4 g; Fiber 8 g; Carb 26 g; Sodium 211 mg; Protein 55 g 

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