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Thursday, March 8, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 58

Weight - 132.0

Last day of Phase 2.  Yes I know I do some mega long rounds.  At this weight and body fat % my body battles me all the way.  Planning to slowly ease into Phase 3 tomorrow, pretty much like I did last July.  Two meals tomorrow and around 1000 calories and then I'll go from there.

Lunch - (268 calories)
**Burger Salad & An Apple
100 g 96/4 ground beef patty
100 g romaine
60 g dill pickle (had to snack on one and dice one)
30 g tomato
15 g onion
Burger dressing which is
Yellow Mustard
Reduced Sugar Ketchup
Pickle juice
garlic powder
200 g apple

Dinner - (134 calorie)
100 g chicken breast
140 g cucumber

Total Calories for the day 402
Daily Calorie Composition: 40% from carbs, 13% from fat and 47% from protein.

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