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Friday, March 2, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 52

Weight - 131.2

Whoa..  I did not expect that at all.  Three days of major drops 1.2, 2,2 and 1.0 pounds.  Too good to be true.  I thought for sure with the drop yesterday that I would have a gain.  One thing that may factor into it was that I slept in this morning big time.

So now what to do.  I will likely see if I can hold here for the next few days.  Go ahead and stop hcg on Tuesday morning and transition to Phase 3 on Friday.

Lunch - (127 calories)
100 ground turkey burger
120 g romaine lettuce
Burger salad dressing

Afternoon Snack - (99 calories)
190 g apple

Dinner - (132 calories)
100 g chicken breast
127 g green beans, no salt added

Total Calories for the day 358
Daily Calorie Composition: 38% from carbs, 8% from fat and 54% from protein.

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