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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

R5 Phase 2 Day 56

Weight 131.2

Well here's for a roller coaster scale the last 12 hours.  Yesterday evening, I stepped on the scale as I usually do to get an idea of what the morning will bring.  I was floored to see that I had gained 6 pounds from morning to evening.  Now I can usually expect to see 3.. sometimes 4.. but 6???   I had myself convinced that this morning's scale was not going to be pretty.  Based on my averages I thought it would end up between 134 and 135.  No reason at all for the increase.

Well, this morning, I get on the scale.  131.2.  Which means I lost 6.8 pounds from last night to this morning.  Again, unheard of.  I did have a fair amount of output overnight and because of that I did not sleep well.   It's a mystery and I will likely see a rebound tomorrow.

Lunch - (279 calories)
**Burger Salad & An Apple
100 g 96/4 ground beef patty
180 g romaine
70 g dill pickle (had to snack on one and dice one)
30 g tomato
20 g onion
Burger dressing which is
Yellow Mustard
Reduced Sugar Ketchup
Pickle juice
garlic powder
192 g apple

Dinner - (129 calories)
100 g Jennie-O 99% lean ground turkey patty
130 g green beans, no salt added

Total Calories for the day 408
Daily Calorie Composition: 40% from carbs, 13% from fat and 47% from protein.

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