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Sunday, December 4, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 112

Weight - 142.2

Tons of carbs yesterday so of course I'm up today, but only by 0.2 lbs which surprised me a bit.  I've not slept well the last few days.  Today is a crazy food day, so tomorrow will be a steak day and then I'm going to go from there doing what I do during the week to drop back in range.

The list of food for today is crazy and delicious but because it's a major restaurant meal I can't even begin to put a guess on the total calories.  It's a fair amount.

I snacked on veggies during the day.  Dinner was at Asado in Tacoma.  Love Love Love that place

We shared a queso frito and a calamari appetizer.  I had the quinoa salad, flat iron steak with poblano polenta.  We shared deserts.  Also split a bottle of malbec wine between the group.

I'll be up tomorrow I know and then correcting again.  Such is life.  I'm learning not to sweat it so much.

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